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Study Load [
February 1, 2006
[ mood | craving chocolate ]

I figure I might aswell enlighten you all with the news of what subjects I am going to be doing this year.

Science 101 (otherwise known as study group and not worth any credit).
Chemistry A
Introductory Mathematics (Because I didn't do Specialist Maths and have to do its equivalent at first year)
Physics A
Biology of Cells and Organisms
Chemistry B
Intermediate Mathematics
Physics B
Genetics and the Evolution of Life

Also we get a cool diary with a photo of an albino seagull or some other white bird on the cover. Be jealous, be very jealous!

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January 20, 2006
Tonight for dinner I ate 5 tacos and almost an entire packet of tim tams. URGH. Sometimes I think I eat too much.
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the decisions, its too soon! [
January 18, 2006
[ mood | crushed ]

So yeah I have to go to Melbourne on Monday. On Monday I have to arrange all my subjects and everything. I am very nervous for my choice of subjects determines what and what not I can transfere into.

I want to eventually get into Vet but then if I don't get into Vet I want to get into something along the lines of Pathology. I have to keep my options open.

Right now I just feel sick from eating too much hummus and carrots.

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WOOT I got into uni [
January 17, 2006
[ mood | hopeful ]

So I got into Science at Melbourne Uni. I am still upset that I didn't get into Biomed but maybe I shall get a really really late offere *crosses fingers*. Last year for Biomed I think the lowest TER was 91 and I'm only a couple of points down on that so a very very late offer is a posibility.

Anyway to accept the offer it says I need to be at Theatre A, Elisabeth Murdoch Building at 9am next Monday. An imposible task so now I have to read through all the offer information - they must have ways around it for interstate and international students :)

Well yeah I am boring and I need a shower.

[edit @ 9.14pm] I got my first offer of Health Sciences at Adelaide. It actually sounds more interesting to me than normal science but oh well, next year if I don't get into biomed I can always transfere.

Isn't this all so exciting? The thing I am most excited about is the giant library and the 24 hour computer labs.

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hahahaha [
January 14, 2006
[ mood | sick ]

click on me for hotnessCollapse )

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shoes [
January 12, 2006
[ mood | frustrated ]

Oh I really shouldn't leave buying things until the last minute, that minute when I desperately uberly need them.

See I need new shoes. It is embarassing going into a shoe store wearing old worn out shoes.

I can't find one single pair of socks anywhere, not even odd socks or old socks with holes in them.

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January 11, 2006
[ mood | awake ]

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Learn to play the guitar with my teeth.

Get your resolution here

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home again hip hip hurray [
January 9, 2006
[ mood | tired ]

You scored as Biology. You should be a Biology major! You are passionate about the sciences, and you enjoy studying cell growth and evolutionary concepts which enable living organisms to survive. Pursue that!






























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with QuizFarm.com

Look Chemistry is right down there near the bottom. Not surprising with my hatred of it. I am also going to be doing bio this year for the first time so maybe I shall love it? yay!

Last night was Magenta's semi party birthday celebration type thing. It was fun. I thought the cake was a bit rich though but it was cool how her sister put so much effort into it.
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Mega Ant is turning 18 [
January 7, 2006
[ mood | in need of tea ]

Today I ate sour cream and chives flavoured Fantastic rice crackers. They have left a less than pleasant taste in the back of my mouth.

My news years resolution is to not worry about dieting and not dieting anymore. I will continue to weigh myself and then eat accordingly. This week I have eaten loads of cheese and crackers and my new all time favourite, light Philladelphia and sweet chilli sauce. Surprisingly I have lost weight. I think it might be because cheese is so filling that when I eat it I don't feel the need to eat anything else.

Does anyone else get salad cravings?

Tomorrow is Magenta's birthday and I haven't got her a gift yet. I shall go shopping on Monday and then find her something uber fantabulous. Tomorrow she has promised cake. I am very worried that there will be insuffient food (well food that I eat anyway) - last time I stayed at her house I almost died from hunger. I also don't eat hot chips as they make me feel really sick and that is the promised cuisine for tomorrow. EW.

I feel I am rambling. I got an excellent cookbook and yes, I made bean salad and it is delicious.

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bikes and melbourne [
January 5, 2006
[ mood | sick ]

pictures of the bike i wantCollapse )

I heaps heaps want that speed bike. I think it is uber cool and yes. I can't decide whether I like the black or white one better but I think I am leaning towards white. It is $719 dollars on this Australian website so with a helmet, light and water bottle probably around $819.

I told my mum about it and she sounded pleased that I had found a bike that I liked that was less than $1000. However I have no money so I shall have to save heaps, I think there is a chance she may lend me money to get it though for I really do need some form of excercise next year for I don't think I will be re-joining a gym.

Speaking of money aswell I didn't go to work today. I feel really sick and I could just see myself getting 100 times sicker if I went. I have to ring the doctor.

I am so excited about Melbourne. I think I am going from the 22nd to the 28th and then moving there around the 22nd of February. I am especially excited about the lovely new bed waiting there for me. So yes about 5 more weeks in Adelaide.

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yay money [
December 25, 2005
[ mood | satisfied ]

Woot Connie gave me a $50 Christmas bonus.

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I like element clothing [
December 24, 2005
[ mood | jubilant ]

I stole this off Mega Ants journal and thought it was funny.

I am heaps happy aswell as I think I got the pizza job. It was my work trial last night and I think it went really well. The boss (I am so hopeless with names) said he would ring me on Wednesday to say if I was working next week.

I really hope I am as it was a heaps cool job. It mainly consisted on standing around doing nothing, watching better homes and gardens and them giving me free pizza (which I took home and then mum ate most of it because I don't like pizza that much). I also had to do deliveries and wash dish's. Deliveries are heaps easy for you get paid for driving.

It is Wendy's party tonight which should be heaps of fun. Wendy is the best cook and yes - I love food so I shall go and eat all her food. Great system! I have been eating so much junk today though. At the kennel this morning we all had this giant break where Connie fed me lots of cheese crackers and minced pies and I then came home and ate lots of nutri-grain and ice-cream. But I figure its Christmas so it is OK!

I am working tomorrow morning aswell as boxing day (at the kennel). I hope Adeline is not there for I am not happy with her. She dobbed on me for accidentally feeding this dog the wrong food and then I got in trouble.

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December 22, 2005
Ohhh that cheesy bread thing was too bready and too cheesy and now I feel sick.
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excited [
December 20, 2005
[ mood | hyper ]

SCREAMS SSABSA results in the post tomorrow!!!!!!!!! My mum just rang me up to tell me.

Also the results are supposed to be on the net today but my PIN is not working so I shall go fix that.

I hope its true :D

[edit] my results are not on the net :(

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SSABSA lacks the Christmas cheer. [
December 19, 2005
[ mood | fatt ]

I think SSABSA is evil. Well I don't just think SSABSA is evil I know SSABSA is evil!

Well point being I rang up SSABSA to ask when we would be getting our results and the woman on the phone was very ambiguous. She was like "oh optimistically you should get them sometime before Christmas".

She then went to say that we would only know we were getting results the night before they were to come. Apparently they will post on the website and through the media. Through the media? I don't understand what that means for I don't watch the news or read the papers throughout the week. BAH to you SSABSA.

Optimistically I hope the results will come tomorrow so I am going to be periodically checking the SSABSA website.

On another note I am doomed as I have not started Christmas present shopping. Mind you I only have about 4 gifts to buy - but I have no idea what I will get. I hate Christmas I always have to buy other people gifts and then they buy me things I don't like and end up not using and throwing out.

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December 18, 2005
Well I just came back from an interview at a Pizza Place around the corner from Sylvia's house.
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December 18, 2005
Oh I am also very annoyed with SSABSA. I want my results! Or even if I don't have my results now I want to know what day i shall be getting my results!

Last years year 12's got their results on the 16th and it is now the 18th. Not fair. *cries a little*
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I feel like shit, hit me with a hammer please. [
December 12, 2005
[ mood | urgh ]

I am sick. Being sick sucks.

It especially sucks because I don't only feel sick but it is that painful kind of sick where you can't do anything but wallow in your pain and sickness. It really sucks.

I really want to go to bed but I can't because I am in too much pain for my body to let me sleep. Last night I lay in bed for 4 hours before I finally got to sleep. I am usually asleep within the first 20 minutes of laying down.

It also sucks being sick because I have no lovely medicine to help me through my sickness. I should go to the doctor but that costs money which I don't have. Damnit!

On another note year 12 year books should be in the school tomorrow (according to the office lady) so I shall go and collect mine.

I want to sleep. My head hurts and I desperately need a new pillow. I would be able to sleep if I had a pillow.

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too much yoghurt [
December 5, 2005
[ mood | full ]

Well today I ate to much yoghurt. I then proceeded to feel extremelly ill. I have now decided that yoghurt does taste delicious but it always ends up making me feel really really sick.

My plan is to give all the yoghurt to the dog. I don't care if mum yells at me. I don't want to eat anymore yoghurt. Damn you yoghurt!

I am really upset that I haven't got a job yet. I am really stressing aswell for I have no clothing, no road bike and I desperately need to buy alot of things for next year (when I will hopefully be moving to Melbourne).

If anyone wants to give me buckets of money - feel free to do so!

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university preferences [
November 29, 2005
[ mood | what if i don't get in? ]

I spent all morning working out my university preferences for Melbourne and Adelaide. But I have recently rang up VTAC and you can only change your preferences after the 5th of December (which I think is incrediably stupid for you only get about 12 days or something to change them in and what if you are going overseas or on holidays?).

Well anyway here are my revised preferences (if you are interested of course)


1. veterinary science - melbourne uni (parkville)
2. biomedical science - melbourne uni (parkville)
3. science - melbourne uni (parkville)
4. engineering (biomedical) - melbourne uni (parkville)
5. biomedical science - monash (clayton)
6. biomedical science/ engineering - monash (clayton)
7. science - monash (clayton)
8. science advanced with honours - monash (gippsland)
9. science - monash (gippsland)
10. biomedical science - deakin (melbourne)
11. mathematics - RMIT (city)
12. biomedical science - RMIT (bundurra)


1. mathematical and computer sciences - adelaide uni
2. health sciences - adelaide uni
3. biomedical science - adelaide uni
4. science honours - flinders
5. science - adelaide uni
6. medical science - flinders

I had alot of trouble sorting out my melbourne preferences because I only really want to go to Melbourne uni. I really want to do Biomedical Science so then I can transfere to veterinary science. But if I don't get into Biomed (96 2004 TER) then I will have to do normal science - but then I am afraid that I am very stupid for only getting into normal science. I would like to have maths at Melbourne uni aswell but oddly enough they don't offer maths.

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